L'Espectacle Programació Entitat
The scenes
FIRST PART "Jesus’ Public Life"

First Act
Morning Musical Prelude
The Calling of the Apostles
Conversion of the Samaritan Woman
Sermon on the Mount
Law of Moses
The Celebration of Light

Second Act
Resurrection of Lazarus
Entry into Jerusalem
Banquet of Bethany
Jesus Drives the Merchants from the Temple
Jesus and Mary’s Farewell
The Last Supper

SECOND PART "Passion, Death and Resurrection"

Third Act
Afternoon Musical Prelude
Meeting of the Sanhedrin
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus before Annas
Peter’s Denial and Repentance
Religious Trial of Jesus
Judas’ Suicide

Fourth Act
Jesus before Pilate
Jesus before Herod
Jesus before Pilate Once Again
Jesus Is Condemned to Death
Mary Learns About the Sentence
The Way to Calvary
The Cyrenian (Tableau)
Veronica (Tableau)
The Spearing (Tableau)
Descend from the Cross
Venantius Before Pilate
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La Passió d'Esparreguera  -  Un espectacle de magnituds èpiques únic a Europa
5 hores de teatre, 300 actors, orquestra i cor en directe, un auditori per a 1.700 espectadors i l'emoció d'una història universal

 Fundació Privada de La Passió d'Esparreguera, 2018 / info@lapassio.net / 93 777 15 87