L'Espectacle Programació Entitat
The Script
The fact that the script of La Passió is part of a completely live show that is performed ten times a year, forces the words to take their own dynamic and it makes inevitable the appearance of different variants of the original text with the passing of time. However, it never loses the strong feeling of truthfulness and plot coherence of the original text.

The version used nowadays is a creation of the Esparreguera born artist Ramon Torruella Satorra. It was debuted in 1960 and it stays faithful to the evangelic texts and at the same time it is adapted to our times.
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La Passió d'Esparreguera  -  Un espectacle de magnituds èpiques únic a Europa
5 hores de teatre, 300 actors, orquestra i cor en directe, un auditori per a 1.700 espectadors i l'emoció d'una història universal

 Fundació Privada de La Passió d'Esparreguera, 2018 / info@lapassio.net / 93 777 15 87